Sleeping is a natural process of our body,therefore the best
rest always has been tied to the nature.


Alma baby mattresses have been created to put in value the sleep,
comfort, growth and security that our children deserve

Natural products

Alma Baby mattresses are manufactured with materials extracted from the nature and barely processed.


Alma Baby ensures the safety of our infants, taking care of their rest in order to be totally safe during the night.


The dedication and the improvement of our products and services ensure that an Alma Baby mattress is a quality mattress.


We are committed to offer to our customers the best rest for the infants contributing to a sustainable development.

Natural & Handmade Rest

– Dad, what is a craftsman?


– A craftsman is one who works with his hands, with his head and with his heart.


– And an artist?


– He is someone who, in adittion, works with the SOUL

The respect for the experience, the contact with the materials and the artisan technique take us to make up the mattresses of the Natura serie entirely in a natural way. This way, we achieve an elaborated rest with the highest quality.


We have selected those first quality natural materials, entirely manufactured in the European Union, with which we reach the ideal properties for a great rest.